Carol Montgomery #1

I’m almost ready to publish the first Carol Montgomery mystery, “The Old Courthouse”. It’s taken a tad longer to get out than I anticipated. My BetaReader-Editor made several really good suggestions that are going to take a bit of re-writing to bring to life.

Here’s the proposed cover for the book.

Strange noises are coming from the jail section of the old courthouse, which is said to be haunted. A man is found dead under a shrub outside the building, with a broken window above him. The building is scheduled for redevelopment as a hotel and conference center. Carol Montgomery, a Ph.D. structural engineer, and adobe specialist is hired to evaluate the stability of the WPA-built adobe building. Carol, a Wiccan, and her telepathic cat familiar get involved in solving the mystery of the noises, the purported haunts, the dead man, and they discover a person living in the jail.

I’m well into the sequel for Carol Montgomery #1, with a working title of “A Piano In The Night”. An old house is said to be haunted and neighbors see strnge flickering lights in the dormer windows and the sound of a piano being played during the night.

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