Two New Mysteries Coming Soon

La Llorona, Carol Montgomery Mysteries #3.

Proposed Book Cover for A New Carol Montgomery Mystery

A young woman is found dead in the Rio Grande near Las Cruces’ La Llorona Park. The woman apparently died from an overdose of anti-depressants. Police Detective Xochitl Sanchez suspects something more happened. Shortly after the dead woman is found, a wraith that looks like La Llorona, the wailing woman, is reported walking and wailing along the river bank footpath in the park. Is there a connection between these occurrences? Carol Montgomery is asked to help find the answer. Her new Junior Engineer and male witch, Roger McPherson and his familiar, Basil, the Bali Mynah, work with Carol and her familiar, Rogue, to resolve the question.

Of Rats and Drones – OFlaithearta Biological Consultants Mysteries #4

Proposed Book Cover for Of Rats and Drones

A major developer wants to put a housing and mall-type development on land adjacent to the Lake Matthews Ecological Reserve. The federally-listed as Threatened Stephans kangaroo rat (SKR) has been documented on the property, blocking the development. The developer has taken the Fish and Wildlife Service to court, claiming that the protected species is not real, but is actually a common kangaroo rat, the Pacific or Agile kangaroo rat (PKR). Sean O’Flaithearta has been contracted to demonstrate the validity of the SKR as a species different from PKR. A man is found dead near the research trapping grid, along with evidence that someone was stealing rats from the traps. Why would anyone want to steal a listed species of kangaroo rat? Sean’s team, using new technology and drones, provides the evidence that leads to the real reason for the thefts and ending a rare animal smuggling and sales organization.