Book Signing in Las Vegas

I just did a book signing in Las Vegas. I took a batch of my books to my 60th high school reunion. I sold and signed several of them and it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed telling people about the content of the books as a way of answering their question – “Which one is best?” or “Which one would I like?”.

The most common question I got, as I sat at my table, was “Are you the author? Did you write all of these?” Another common questions was “Where do you get your ideas?” Where, indeed?

The former French and Spanish teacher bought ‘Le Cochon Volant: The Flying Pigafter I told her why the title and that it had English, Spanish, and French in it. One guy bought ‘Chipmunk Jumped Over Him’ for his grandson and another bought ‘Eye of Newt and Skin of Toad’ for his nephew that is crazy about reptiles. A long-time acquaintance and one of the folks I hung with in high school bought two copies of each of my books to read and to donate to a group that he supports. A retired math teacher and computer programmer bought ‘Bear Market’ because she liked the cover. The reasons why folks select books is a never-ending mystery.

With any luck at all, some of those folks will read the books, enjoy them and tell their friends or relatives. I might even get some online sales as a result of my trip, who knows?

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