Like Cozies?

Ghosts in a historic courthouse and jail?

Telepathic cats?

Ph.D. Engineer and adobe expert that has wiccan powers?

What is going on in the Old Courthouse? Carol Montgomery and her cat, Rogue, get to the heart of the mysterious noises coming from the abandoned jail and courthouse.

Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad – Newest O’Flaithearta Biological Consulting Mystery

Coming within the next month or perhaps less a new mystery, “Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad”. A musician is found dead in an archaeological site pit in a Las Vegas Park. The man was attending a wiccan celebration at a power center in the park. An autopsy reveals he died of toad poisoning. A shady casino owner is found executed in a canyon in the Red Rock National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas. The casino owner owed the musician money. An Ayahuasca shaman seems to be connected to both of the men. TheHerbster, an authority on desert amphibians, is hired by the Las Vegas Metro Department to help determine what kind of toad provided the poison. Herb finds himself in Peru’s Amazon forest collecting skin swabs from poison dart frogs, and is nearly murdered.

A 5-Star Review of Bear Market.

An Interesting Wildlife Read in Tahoe

Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2021.

This was an interesting look at biological bear studies, framed in a fictional mystery about a group of biologists trying to bust a bear poaching ring. You can tell that scientifically, the author knows his stuff, and I enjoyed this read, I finished it very quickly. It has a full cast of diverse characters working the case. I found the format interesting too, much of the book is set up as one-sided phone conversations, and you see the plot unfolding as it bounces from person to person calling around. I thought that was creative.

However, at times I felt the characters were a bit too dispassionate. I thought there would be more of a connection to these animals the biologists were tracking in the field, and more anger when the bears met their needless demises. The biologists seemed just as concerned about what they were going to eat for lunch as for the fates of the bears. I also wish that maybe there had been more details about black bears, or the lore of traditional Chinese medicine. What exactly are the healers doing with those parts?

That said, I am curious about the undercover op that seems to be setting up in the end of this book, and I want to know what happens next!

Two Reviews of The Jaguar Drum

I have gotten two 5-star reviews of The Jaguar Drum. That’s wonderful. Here they are.

Don’t let the cover put you off this hidden treasure!Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2021 I almost passed this book by, because of the really bad cover. I kept coming back to it though because the synopsis intrigued me, and I wondered if I was bypassing a real treasure of a story because of a home-made cover. And I was right! This is a FANTASTIC story, very well-done plot, likeable and relatable characters, and a strong sense of history, place and time. Don’t pass up this historical gem for your children, to give them a good look into the Mayan and Spaniard cultures and histories of the time of Philip and Elizabeth of Spain.

I loved being transported to a different place and time.Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2021. I was impressed with the voice of this book. It doesn’t sound like a modern book and has an older style, which for me helped bring me to a different way of thinking. The information is interesting and told in a believable way. The paragraphs are very long and I think could benefit with some breaking up. Also, if the author reads this, his blurb could use some work. The information about the book feels like a dry summary, and makes people less likely to want to pick it up. I assure you, though, readers, that you do want to pick it up. I loved being transported to a different place and time.

I also have one 5-star rating without a review.

I truly appreciate these excellent reviews and the reviewers’ critical comments.

Two New Novels in the Offing

I have two new novels in the offing. The third in the O’Flaithearta series currently called “Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad”. It features The Herbster from the first two novels and is set in Las Vegas and the Amazon of Peru. The second is the first in the Carol Montgomery Mystery series. It is tentatively named “The Old Courthouse”, and deals with the haunted county courthouse in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It features Carol Montgomery, PhD engineering consultant and adobe construction specialist, and a telepathic cat.

You might want to read the first two in the O’Flaithearta series before reading the new one – those give you some context and sense of the people and are quick, but fun reads. The Carol Montgomery book is a cozy and basically lots of fun.

Bear Market is Published

Just in time for the holiday season, but close to a year late, “Bear Market” is now available at Amazon in both Kindle ebook and paperback. O’Falithearta Biological Consultants bring their scientific methods to bear in the solving of a crime and help bust an international smuggling group. Take a read and see what you think.

“Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad” is in the cauldron and bubbling, and Carol Montgomery is restlessly fidgeting in the wings. And then there is the aura of an international artifact and art theft junta working out of Belize. Stay tuned.

Just in Time for the Holidays

My new Middle Reader story, “The Jaguar Drum” will be available as an Amazon Kindle e-book freebie from Dec. 19, 2020, through Dec 23, 2020. This would be a great Holiday season gift for a 10-14 year-old that likes to read and has an interest in history. It is also available in paperback from Amazon for $18.50. The high cost is because of the color pictures.

Happy Holidays everyone – I am trying to get “Bear Market” published before,the end of 2020. I will probably make it.

“The Jaguar Drum” is Published

The Jaguar Drum is now available on Amazon as either a paperback or a Kindle ebook. The Jaguar Drum is a Middle Reader-level book that is an easy read while presenting an aspect of history that is not often presented.

Meet Manik Balam, the Mayan boy overtaken by the Spanish conquest of Central America. Trained as a Jaguar Drummer in the temple, is captured by the Spanish when they conquer his village. He becomes a talented guitar player and plays for the king and queen of Spain. He leads a long and successful life in Spain, but never forgets his home or his background.