Le Cochon Sequels Coming – Jaguar Drum Almost Done

My plan is to feature different members of the team of ecologists from Le Cochon in each sequel. We’ll see how that works – so far, so good with respect to the writing – but the sequels aren’t out yet.

“Bear Market” is out for beta reading. “Bear Market” features Dirk Foster. Bear poaching in the Sierra Nevada’s of Nevada around Lake Tahoe. Bear parts such as claws,  gall bladders, and skins are the targets. An innocent old man gets murdered. If you’ve not read Le Cochon, you won’t know who Dirk Foster is  – hint, hint.😁👍 👀

I’ve started on “Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad”. This murder mystery will feature “The Herbster” – it should be fun. Witch covens, mysterious rites, and magical concoctions. If you haven’t read “Le Cochon Volant” you won’t know who “The Herbster” is either. Hint, hint, hint. 😉👌👀

I’ve finished the first and second drafts of Jaguar Drum. Looking for free Beta readers (at least one). Jaguar Drum is a historical YA-Middle Reader novel – Spanish Conquistadores capture a Mayan boy that was trained on the Mayan Jaguar Drum. The boy learns the guitar and goes to Sevilla, Spain where he plays for the King. 🎸🎵


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