Research Finds Unexpected and Interesting Things – Sometimes

In doing the research for “Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad”, I Googled Witch Covens in Las Vegas, Nevada. I expected to find nothing. Much to my surprise, I found more than one. I was raised in Las Vegas and had never even thought about covens there – or anywhere else, for that matter. Not only are there covens in Las Vegas, but there is also a temple just outside town somewhere – found a post of photos for that.

I also searched for info on ayahuasca ceremonies and found that there is a practitioner in Vegas. Hmmm! It seems like the fellow is maybe not entirely on the up-and-up. Hmmm, again.

“Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad” is going to be a fun write – and, of course, it will be a great read! 😏😁🐱


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