What’s Coming


Bear Market 

Coming in Late 2019/Early 2020

Dr. Sean O’Flaithearta and his team of biologists are contracted to study the habitat utilization and movement of bears in the Sweetwater Range, south of Lake Tahoe. They are using satellite collars in their study. The satellite tracking is being handled by Dr. Dirk Foster.

Someone is poaching radio-collared bears from a study in the Sierra Nevada mountains on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. A dead bear with the gall bladder, teeth, and claws missing is found in a dumpster. An old man is killed with the same drug used by the poachers to anesthetize the bears. A bear wearing a borrowed satellite collar disappears from near Lake Tahoe. The collar turns up at Foothill College in the San Francisco Bay Area. The missing bear’s bile is purchased in a traditional Chinese herb shop in San Francisco. A bear and satellite collar disappear from the Sweetwater study area. That collar is tracked to a winery north of San Francisco and then to Ashland, Oregon.

The first roughish draft of Bear market is done. The m.s. is being edited. I’m looking for Beta readers.

Here’s the proposed cover for the book. 

Bear Market-Cover-1