Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad – Newest O’Flaithearta Biological Consulting Mystery

Coming within the next month or perhaps less a new mystery, “Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad”. A musician is found dead in an archaeological site pit in a Las Vegas Park. The man was attending a wiccan celebration at a power center in the park. An autopsy reveals he died of toad poisoning. A shady casino owner is found executed in a canyon in the Red Rock National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas. The casino owner owed the musician money. An Ayahuasca shaman seems to be connected to both of the men. TheHerbster, an authority on desert amphibians, is hired by the Las Vegas Metro Department to help determine what kind of toad provided the poison. Herb finds himself in Peru’s Amazon forest collecting skin swabs from poison dart frogs, and is nearly murdered.