Second Book Published

Chipmunk Jumped Over Him

A YA coming-of-age story built around Native American stories and coming of age journeys.

Chipmunk Jumped Over Him-Cover

It is many years after the climate change catastrophe. The people that survived on the edge of the Great Basin Desert have adopted many Native American traditions; traditions that allow them to continue to live successfully in an arid and harsh land. Among those traditions is the coming of age journey. Boys, at 15 years of age, travel with Coyote, the Trickster, into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Vincent, with Trickster, goes on his sojourn and deals with everyday issues of living in the wild. He is set the task of destroying an ancient monster with magic from two Shamans. Vincent defeats an evil Shaman with help from the earlier magic, and from Trickster, Chipmunk, Gopher, Badger, and Owl. He outsmarts Raven, and returns, a confident young man, to where his grandfather awaits.

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August 26, 2019

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