La Llorona Drafted – Ready for Editor and Reader

To all of my friends, colleagues, and readers:

All the writing “experts” make big noises about writing every day and setting aside time to write. Apparently, they have never had life interfere with their plans – at least they ain’t admittin’ it. So what, you say? Well, that’s my excuse for missing my self-imposed December deadline for finishing and publishing Carol Montgomery Mystery #3 – La Llorona.

But, having posted my excuse – yepper, life got in the way — I have finished the draft of the book. 33K words — good solid Novella length – nice and cozy – a little bit of violence – some romance – and of course, Rogue, the telepathic cat. It’s now out to my editor-in-chief, and life is getting in her way too – publication might be slower than I wish – ah, well.

It’s actually a fun story – but then, so are the others. I’ve rolled a bit of technology into this one – how does one project a wraith onto a footpath? A bunch of new characters and some old ones. Police procedural aspects – being in the ‘border land’ as Las Cruces is, the border protection folks – ICE – are involved. So are the state cops, the CIA, the FBI, Interpol, and the local police. Wow – that’s a bunch of cops and spooks – what gives?

We shall see – eh, wot? Book signing coming up in March at COAS Books – a local bookstore, for those of you not familiar with Las Cruces. I had to cancel the December signing – yep, you guessed it – life got in the way. Life notwithstanding, I should be able to have it published by March …. he said.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that the New Year treats you well.



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