Freebies on the Horizon

Amazon Freebie coming up on my two latest books, “The Old Courthouse” and “A Piano in the Night”. September 17-21 ebook versions of both books will be available for free on Amazon. This give-away is timed to coincide with the September book signing at Branigan Library here in Las Cruces. If you’re in town – c’mon by 2=4 PM on Sept. 18.

I’ve started on #3 for Carol Montgomery – working title is La Llorona – you folks from this area won’t need that title explained. You folks from elsewhere, Google it. 😃

I’ve also started on O’Flaithearta #4 -,working title is “Of Rats and Drones”. It’s interesting and kind of fun working on two rather disparate stories more or less at once. We’ll see how it goes going forward.



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