A Piano In the Night: Carol Montgomery #2

Great news – “A Piano in the Night: Carol Montgomery #2 is published and available.

The Kindle version of “A Piano in the Night” is available on Amazon for $2.99, and the paperback is available for $6.50.

Carol Montgomery, Ph.D. structural engineer and witch, has a contract to evaluate three 100 or more year-old adobes. One of them has a dormer loft. The loft contains a haunt, say the neighbors who claim to hear piano music and see a strange flickering light in the loft at night. The old woman that built the house is said to be the haunt. She loved to play the piano at night for her roomers and family, according to local folk stories. Carol, Ami, and Carol’s telepathic cat familiar, Rogue, visit the house at night and hear the music but see no lights. Carol decides to place trail cameras in the building to find out what is happening. Carol’s cameras reveal an old man’s presence and a piano player. The old man enters and exits through a tiny trench. The videos from the cameras show the old man chanting and burning sage upstairs by the light of a flickering oil lamp and a hooded person playing the piano. Rogue decides to spend a night in the house to discover what is happening and takes Timmy, Ami’s cat, with her. The cats meet the old man, get charmed by the piano music and the sage smoke, and learn what is going on, but not without Timmy getting into mischief with the resident alpha tom. Carol spends several nights in the loft, discovers why the old man is there, and, while invisible, trips a goon sent to get the old man.

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