Freebie at Amazon – The Old Courthouse

The Kindle version of The Old Courthouse will be available free at from Feb 5 to Feb 9, 2022. Great Valentine’s day read and the price is certainly right.

Here’s a little blurb from the book –

Carol locked the truck, and she and Ami walked around the south side of the courthouse. As they passed the walled courtyard, they noticed what looked like a broken window behind the shrubs that lined the area. Carol fiddled with the lock on the temporary gate until it opened. The pair walked into the courtyard, closing the gate behind them.

“Hmm – if someone is or was in here, they must have climbed over the wall.”

“Carol, look over there, by that shrub. That looks like a shoe.”

“So it does, and it looks like that shoe is enclosing a foot.”

Carol and Ami walked slowly and quietly to where the shod foot stuck out from under the large oleander shrub. Carol moved around to one side and pulled the oleanders apart. Under the shrub, next to the wall, and right below the broken window, was a person. The person did not seem to be breathing.

“Oh, shit, Ami, I think we may have a corpse. This person doesn’t have the pink flush of life about them.”

Ami looked over Carol’s shoulder.

“Damn.! I think you are right, boss. Here, let me tap on the shoe and see if we get a response.”

Ami carefully tapped the sole of the protruding shoe with her foot. Nothing happened.

“Ami, I’m going to check for a pulse,” said Carol as she crawled behind the shrubs.

Carol put her fingers on the side of the person’s neck and pressed lightly. She felt no pulse.

“Ami, call 911 and report a possible dead person. Request an ambulance.”

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