Book Signing Coming Up

I am going to be in Vegas on the 6th and 7th of October for my 60th High School Reunion – Go Rams. While there, I’m going to do a book signing at the reunion picnic on the 7th, not sure yet about the venue for the BBQ on the 6th. My plan is to have all five of my books there and available – we’ll see if I actually peddle any of them.

I am still fiddling with “The Old Courthouse”. Actually, I’m still waiting for my wife/editor/beta reader to get done with it and get it back to me for repairs. I’m maybe half way though the sequel, which I am tentatively calling “A Piano In the Night”. Between teaching two online classes and getting two teenage boys off to school, my muse is sitting there yawning. I’m not writing anywhere nearly as quickly as I might like, but I think the story will be better for all of the long thinking sessions (naps).

Here’s a recent picture of some yellow sulfur butterflies working on the purple-flowered Vitex along our driveway. Took it with my phone out the van window while sitting, waiting for my wife to come out so we could go to the store.

Yellow sulfur butterflies on a purple Vitex flower stalk

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