I’ve been too quiet.

Hey – I’ve been very quiet on here and I guess I need to say something.

Eye of Newt has six good to outstanding reviews – I appreciate those.

I nearly have the first Carol Montgomery Mystery ready to go to press and I’m well into the sequel. Writing about witches, haunts, and telepathic cats is a different world for me, so I find it sometimes rather slow going. Besides, my muse took a vacation – but it’s back and nicely refreshed.

I’m thinking about including some stuff about the Piro Tribe of Native Americans in the sequel to “The Old Courthouse”. They resided in the Las Cruces/El Paso area for millennia before the Spanish and English Entrada’s and have been trying to get Federally recognized for decades. I have to do some research on their cultural and religious traditions. That should be interesting and fun.

I may have a new O’Flaithearta Biological Consults mystery in the cooker. We’ll see how the new Carol Montgomery book goes, then move forward from there.

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